Griffin Phillips LLC was created in July 2009 to offer product development and structuring expertise for domestic and international financial and asset management markets. Offering our capabilities on a consultative basis, we assist financial service firms with their product development needs precisely when and for as long as that service is required. This service model can be accessed in a variety of ways based on the individual client’s needs and goals.

Goals Discovery

A critical step at the outset of any relationship is to determine with the client what their expectations are for an anticipated fund structure. This first step is to discuss where to whom and within what limits they want the desired fund to be active. Once this is determined the next steps can be taken.

Product Advice

Depending on the strategies and underlying assets that a specific client is involved with and to whom they wish to market their product, Griffin Phillips will provide an outline of what registered or unregistered product will fit their particular strategy and target market.

Jurisdiction Identification

In some cases, the domestic market of the asset manager is not the best venue for the strategy, underlying assets or distribution goals of the product in question. Griffin Phillips’ goal is to not only to identify the best financial structure but also to find the best jurisdiction for that registration.

Third Party Partner Introductions

In order to make the entire package successful, you need to have the right team to maintain the product on a day to day basis. Over the years, Griffin Phillips has developed an extensive network of high-quality service providers that can provide all the necessary services for the product from the development stage, through the distribution phase and throughout the life of the product.

John Phillips, Principal of Griffin Phillips LLC, has over thirty years of experience in developing investment products and structures worldwide, including open and closed-end registered products, ETFs, private placements and a wide variety of alternative investment structures. A particular expertise in international/offshore investment products has resulted in a successful track record of the design and implementation of financial vehicles under multiple regulators, in over 15 international jurisdictions. John is a decisive professional who builds upon his global network, to bring about creative initiatives, unique product solutions and collaborative relationships.

Clients and Projects

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